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17 October 2005



HSLDA has been using the Washington Times to promote itself for years now. And the Washington Times uses HSLDA to promote its acceptance as a legitimate news source with a conservative viewpoint. Unfortunately, it also equates homeschooling with the Unification Church (“the Moonies”) and it’s leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Moon’s teachings are in direct conflict to Christian teachings. He believes he IS God. To quote Rev. Moon, “He [God] is living in me and I am the incarnation of Himself. ... The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world."

By extension, HSLDA is giving credibility to the Times with homeschooling families, encouraging them to read and subscribe to the views of the Unification Church.

I guess it’s more important to see your name in print than to be concerned about supporting a cult?

Scott W. Somerville

All of HSLDA's attorney rotate through the duty of dealing with emergencies at any time of the day, night, or weekend. I've had my share of late night calls (they mostly seem to come from California!), and they are nothing to joke about. While most child protective service workers do most of their investigations during the 9:00-5:00 working day, they tend to remove children at the end of the working day... or significantly later.


Scott, what _are_ you talking about?


I am concerned with this continuing lack of concrete evidence. Having lived in CA for over 50 years, homeschooled there since the 60s, been a resource since the 70s, I can say that the occurance of calls is RARE and of late night calls is about as frequent as finding hen's teeth. Scare tactics policies aside, here's a hint, East Coast time vs. Pacific Coast time.


Ah, now I see it. I shouldn't approve comments after my bedtime.

Scott W. Somerville

Today's child protective services excitement is a family that had been homeschooling for several years, and relied on their local school district to provide them with textbooks. They changed districts and asked for books from the new school, which refused. The new school district said, "We have a distance learning program you can sign up for that will give you free books and computer software." The family signed their oldest child, a nine year old, up for the program but used their old books for the two younger children.

After three weeks of increasing frustration with the cyberschool, the parents decided "this isn't homeschooling." They withdrew the child and sent in the notice required to restart homeschooling. A social worker came to the house to "ask some questions" about the child. When the social worker pulled out a tape recorder and started taping the conversation, the parent objected. That's when the social worker said, "If you don't let me talk to the child now, I'll call the police and have her removed."

Fast forward three days... the family received a summons to appear in court next week, and the social workers are asking the judge to remove all three children from the home and place them in foster care.

I'd be happy to put you directly in touch with the family to get any additional details you need to know. Email me at [email protected].


I think we can all agree that CPS can get over zealous. The flip side is that if something tragic did happen, we would also wonder "where was CPS?" Why didn't they catch this? The topic isn't simple.

Still, the original objection wasn't that HSLDA counsels families dealing with social workers, or that social workers visit homes, or anything like that. The original objection by my e-list friend was to using the 'midnight knock at the door,' so reminiscent of the late, not-so-great, totalitarian regimes where the 'midnight knock' is indeed a reality, as a frightener.

Perhaps HSLDA can publish a handbook on "If this, then that" concerning social services arriving at the door?

Ahhh, looks like you've got that one covered:

As do others:

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